Sense Searchers



sense searchers

some people

roam unaware

others are on constant expeditions

searching through sense

finding black holes with their eyes

thorns with their fingers

they know that life is embodied with secrets

and their bodies are a vessel to flow through

this vast river





to oxegenate your cells

your mind

swim in the sunlight

bathe in the moon

baptise your body in rain

in the flourish of the fields, and flowers

find your salvation in your own soul

there the river flows


that is where the paint, the words, the colors, truth

come from





i want to be rich

i want to die rich

i don’t need money

it has no meaning

i just want to be rich with feeling

to be drunk with sleep from a honey hive

full with sweetness of singing 

feet kissed by soil that stuck to your soles 

from all the running down hilltops

hair entwined with seaweed

rich with knowledge of what its like 

to taste the warmth of healing in your bones

rich with giving

sashaying pieces of light 

like mosaics winking at the bottom of the ocean

for all of my riches will one day resurface

and meet a different shore





this was the greatest day of my life

i did not fall

i did not fly

i did not compare

i did not cry

i did not converse, or achieve or sing

just sat and watched the trees sway

as i became everything

Follies & Flaws



follies and flaws

you are but flawed

a chipped seashell

just thought i’d remind you

you are a masterpiece 

you are a necklace, a vine of pink pearls

you are the garden

you are a bouquet of leagues of minty leaves

you are the jewels within the sea

yet you are flawed, remember this

for all is perfectly imperfect 

all is chipped

Because I Have A Voice

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.23.19 PM.png

because i have a voice

i can sing

i can speak and pray and pronounce words

that you can understand

pink-bellied piglets

petal-eyed bears

temple-cheeked deer

serene calf

remain speechless

my throat, it burns from all the slicing you have done

amount with all the blood 

and it would be an ocean

and all from stingless ignorance

i am here to translate their requiem for life

to you, who have forgotten how to hear…with your heart