About Me


Hi! I’m Marley!

I am 18 and live under the wide, blue and beautiful Santa Barbara California sunshine right on the coast. I am a writer, painter, dancer, photographer, adventurer, filmmaker, traveler, poet, dreamer, Vegan cook and love doing all of these things with people and friends and having FUN!!

I have been painting and drawing ever since I was little and have never had an art class but simply love learning from the greats and those around me. My work has recently been featured in the magazines The Claremont Review, Glass Kite Anthology, Les Femme Follies, Brown University’s journal The Round, and The Quail Bell Quarterly.

I am most inspired by the classic renaissance art by Leonardo De Vinci, Monet, Degas, and Cassatt, as well as a lot of Pre-Raphaelite art like John William Waterhouse, and a few more modern artists like Frida Kahlo.

Most of my paintings have been portraits of women over the years, simply because I love fashion and love uplifting the Divine Feminine. Only recently have I began painting portraits of men as well (it took me a long time to shift gears, men are completely different) but I do enjoy exploring new things like landscapes, animals and architecture and hope to gain better skills at drawing these along the way. My medium varies from acrylic, I love pastels, watercolors, clay, everything! As for photography, I love catching visions of beauty in day to day life through everything that I do; chilling out at the beach with friends, writing in the woods, dancing under a bridge, and dressing up for a picnic. I love capturing my love for nature in pictures, and I’m most happy when I’m taking a walk or hike in the woods or at the beach.

I believe in making every day a new story to be told, and spreading love and light and joy through everything that I do and hope to share this with people and help shine the light!


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Me and my brother and sister, also advernturest and filmmakers (as well as a whole lot of other wild things) have our own separate blog about our adventures and life together through our filmmaking, photography and music.

Check it out here! https://korzentrio.wordpress.comIMG_0979DSCN6254

IMG_1203IMG_0925                                    IMG_1207IMG_0980

3 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Awesome! I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for over two years now and one of the things I love about it is that it requires a
      It of creativity. Which for us writer/artists that’s pretty convenient lol. My favorite site at inspired me to become vegan is http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com check it out, her desserts make you drool, not even kidding! ✌️😊☀️


      1. Yes, it does require you to stretch the imagination and make a lot of adjustments, constantly. But with my background as a chef, it’s a roller coaster for me. Thanks for the link…I will most certainly check out the desserts 🙂

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