Pumpkin Rose



pumpkin rose

god you can make one feel so ordinary

often when I’m dissolving missions and prayers before sleep

i wonder, what star did you fall from?

because sometimes when I’m looking upward

i think i see a part of you

the part that homes the milky way

perhaps that is where you were born

to be honest, I’ve never seen greater radiance and beauty in form

for just between your eyes there is a gateway—

your heart-mind a maize i’d die to get lost in

and to think we could walk by each other on a road

as if we were just another trimmed up garden to pass through

makes me think maybe we’re all just pumpkin roses

the real truth is we contain more treasure inside then we can imagine

we’ve got our heads, deep in the holes digging instead of realizing 

that the diamonds, and the emeralds are in our cells, our minds, our souls.


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