Greetings, From The Hilltops



greetings from the hilltops

you have reached god

you have just won the race of ribbons

untie the love you lost— now found again

unpolished, raw and naked

there that lies below

you’ve forgone

will always be at your altar

so here’s a rose, petals dripping blood

of the savior of the imp that dies and births

hold out your fingers for this necklace of opal—

the turquoise breaks and boldens your eyes

as does each wave upon the shore

and here’s a garden for when you loose the pieces

in the that tarried head of yours and you need to

pin back the lost scriptures in your heart

here, are the notes of the forest’s empathy 

the lostness haunts us all

and here is the courage from the lion’s roar

here is the prickled pear of wisdom and medicine

for the remorse of your overgrown illness

for you had the pieces, they just needed to be prosed



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