A Certainty of Uncertainty


A Certainty of Uncertainty

Though you may not feel it, the earth is turning.

there is air and wind and it is always there without needing witness. 

like Sherlock we scrounge on the shores of the earth for bits and pieces to explain, with words and phrases to express. 

astronauts bring back roots of the moon to imply mere expressions of evidence to our world but cannot bring back the existence of life— or the existential realism of life itself, and all that is.

dangerous expeditions into time, into space, into nothingness come for the dreamers, the leaders, the followers, the idealists and the realists as they all have one mutual understanding by the inner curiosity to know.

though doctors preform acts of strange but ordinary miracles, 

and little birds travel over skies with each seasonal movement,

and monstrous stones on a circular banks are appeared out of oblivion

and storms and seas collide, and even with honest significance we are still bound to remain bewildered.

for we may not know nearly anything at all.

but I believe in you, and if you ever doubt it just try to grasp the wind.

I believe in you, and if you ever feel confused, go on and ask the ocean for each wave to stop breaking.

I believe in you, and if you ever have even a sniff of suspicion go and yell to the stars to forget to keep smiling.

I believe in you, and when you have that devil in your eyes of uncertainty, just pray to a rose to stop blossoming.

I believe in you and when darkness falls upon your eyes and leads you into blindness, just see if you can stop the memory of what light looks like when it breaks over the rain.

I believe in you and if you fail to ever recognize the true nature of devotion, look at the promise of each day that the sun and the moon brings when they take each sway in dance to proclaim light and tenderness to all fair creatures who walk the earth.

I believe in you and if you ever feel in haste, or fear in lack of trust, head to the hilltops and ask the sunlight why it still keeps shining even after the clouds heap up over and over and even as the smoke continues to choke the sky,

for I will love you long and well after the day that I die.



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