Words Beyond the Moon

Words Beyond the Moon


People scratch their heads in thought and wonder at the world.

undermining small miracles that follow through themselves and the universe.

a faint blue world can carry us

such obscure colors and wondrous ways,

life turns and swells, it’s the unfathomable collection of art, everything spun together in a flixion of bliss.

yet there can only be so much that we have not discovered.


Oh moon, such a sweet caressing smile, a luminous joy of mother earth, leading so much to wonder, so more to believe…

farmers reach the end of their years without a glance of if there could be more,

dreamers dream all day and wait for something to reach them down and jolt them awake,

teachers preach on the length of elbows, shaking their heads in grief if rain ever comes and breathes through a new belief


workers fall into their own black hole, as they repeatedly try to fill it up again but can never create enough tragedy to keep it filled.


we make miracles to shine light just like the moon

miracles are

beams and light

joy is the essence

of pure existence

and when all the heads, all the faces, all the eyes of the workers, all the pure faces of the farmers, all the dear throats of the teachers, and all the fair heads of the dreamers, all lift from their cells and fade themselves to the earth, they are emptied into the moon, as it serenade’s each soul with words;

we shine light 

we are light

we’re in light

and whole.

we are magic.


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