Today A Silent Rose Turned Upward

Hello Lovlies!! It’s been amazing how long it’s been since I’ve written on here, I’ve been having so many adventures in writing, I just finished a new short story called The Dissaperence of Celestine Frost which I am sending a-ways to various journals in hopes of publishing it, I’ve been connecting with new and amazing people, I am honored and humbled to be in a group of amazing women right now where we meet once a week to meditate, write, and do yoga and talk about our intentions for the new year, I am also doing a lot of learning and research, As you might have seen on my Instagram, I posted a photo of me reading this I N C R E D I B L E  study book called The Myth of the Goddess, which is my new bible, definitely.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 5.55.02 PM


I also got the chance to paint a friend a watercolor portrait which I gave to her for a christmas present, If you can’t see very well because the picture is sort of dark, I painted her with a butterfly in the center of her heart because many women tell her she’s like a butterfly,because she just is, and just I call her The Butterfly. Super blessed to know her and to be getting to know so many strong and beautiful souls like herself.


During a meeting I had with my friends we discussed this year, I mentioned how this year was the hardest and the best by far. This is the year of Completion, which hopefully means this new, bright, beautiful year 2 0 1 6, is going to be a cleansing and easier year!!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen my last post, I finally got an Etsy shop!! You can check it out here, many of my paintings are up for buying prints for only $19.00!

I’ll end with a little bit I wrote last night as a fun little poem entitled:

‘Today a silent rose turned upward’


Today a silent rose turned upward and spoke a dew-dripped word-

of the breeze

tis’ in belief

beneath all living joys


hurks a wonder

tis’ a blunder

we all speak in rare strange noise


and then the lily, providing a sigh as she shook from her turned stem, broke in tune with a stray-lit smile, singing,

shan’t the seas

bequeath the trees

to a fair lement of truth,


will it be everlasting,

to this strange masking

we have fought with since our stead youth

popping by, a dragonfly beamed and bowed a head and I decree, I did dream how within all days stood so unreal, for it is real, all is real and in the mind we revive the circuits to the heart, to unbury the lost treasure of wisdom and truth, oh truth is real enough for us to fantasize about, isn’t it?




Love to all of you!!


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