The Masquerade


The joker’s deed

the joker said, I once appeared, strange and deranged among my piers, but now, this mask, I have forgone, forgetting all the rights and wrongs,

It is bliss, he said quite cheerily, to be amongst who treat you sweetly,

they own their masks and hold them close, afraid of what might show the most,

I’m happy to be like them, as they are to me,

but one day my mask slipped off inconveniently,

and lo! my eyes, my face, and everything else was shown,

my hearts thoughts tripped through, and my soul was known.

well quite unstrangely they did not like what they found and saw,

for it was different, it was not faked, and scathed within the raw.

under my mask i’m not he joker, the one they thought they knew,

underneath, I am unconventional, I am real, and said and true.

the rest of them, they bounded away, and long they hid quite far,

I have a feeling, I trust myself, they left, scared of who they are.

IMG_5053 IMG_5054

the masquerade 

cast off all those morbid masks, you feast to lie upon.

you are beautiful, I see within you, the liveliness you have shone.

without the rest, you are complete, forget the rest, defy, delete!

its been so tiring, moments fade from smoking on this gasket,

been so hard to control under strictions like perfuming a casket, 

and those around you who are free can hardly tell the story inside your eyes,

for you’ve closed them and have lost all senses, as your living blind.

Not in censorship do I oppose, you are directly whole, unenclosed.

free yourself and forget.

only you know who you are.


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