You are walking soul: The Beauty of Vulnerability

It’s hard each day waking up and getting another rejection letter in your inbox. But I keep sending more letters into publishers anyway. It is incredibly difficult to know that your friends think you are weird and that they aren’t very interested in what you have to say. But I just keep spreading more love and telling them what I’m up to anyway. I have to be myself, I’ve tried it before, wearing a mask like the rest of my friends do and it doesn’t serve me. Logically thinking I ask myself, How on earth can you enjoy life to it’s fullest if your denying who you truly are, and to keep living your life out in order to impress people, and just to get as many likes as you can? No way. That’s no way for me to go. The one and only way we can ultimately be ourselves is to live each day through our heart, and not our head. Our head is all ego, and our heart is completely vulnerable and true. So each day, each morning, each second you take a breath and you let it out and you sigh and you gaze up at the sky you can sink in to the intention of what the sky is, your breath, a bird, a tree is as it allows it’s self to be ultimately and immortally it’s self without any restrictions or boundaries, you can choose to be this too. It’s a journey, and an adventure without limits.



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