To sing, hear, speak, and pray


To sing, hear, speak, and pray

you can love, and you can sing,

but without thinking with your heart,

it all means nothing.

you can believe in the minister, and jesus’s prayer,

but with ignoring your soul,

you wont be able to hear.

you can pledge to all saints of work you will do,

but in pools of ignorance no serve will come through,

you can shout and scream to the heavens your right,

but in scorn and violence your prone to fight,

you can bleed your poor changeless fears,

but in such deep worry no enlightenment shall appear,

you can brave to your brothers, and scoff of your wisdom,

but with only ego, you’ll lose sight of this kingdom,

your discerning self shall thieve on such treasure,

but only find that endearment cant be taken by any measure

but only with the stroke of honesty, and cracking, bleeding into life, shattering your old thoughts, beliefs, like a knife.

thou by no vindictive disclosure will you slay all powerless visions, and portray 

the path to be, bridge all thoughts to decisions.

you are life, and soul and bound for such freedom,

you must only believe and love be the end to your demons.

Happy Tuesday ev’ry one! How do often do thee garden? How often do thee smell a rose? How often do I stop talking like this? Enjoy yourself, life is but too short and too easy to ruin it by complicating things, live simply and be happy!


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