We Came From the Water

we are the ocean #sunbabes #endofsummer #california #mermaids

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We came from the water, it is where we belong- maybe it is because we are made from it, I’ll never know. – Lady Charlotte Burrwick

you have not to answer, the song thats yet to sing,

i can hear your breath beneath the drifting tide of the ocean,

there I will go and rest my head in and consume myself 

within the breath of you.

your lungs, are divine, and your heart is deliberate,

i will be your coach and carry you home.

Something about the water I love, I am blessed to live so close to it, but ever since I was little I felt better being around it, I think it’s because I’m a Pieces, but It’s also a passion of mine to be within it’ s realm, like a watery cathedral it is, so sacred and precious, we need to be kinder to our oceans.


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