Writing: The Lonliest thing you can do, yet the most liberating.


I was stumbling on the internet for a bit of research on the element of writing when you don’t feel motivated to. Honestly, sometimes its hard to stop watching another episode of Boy Meets World and start getting some of that story out on paper that’s been hungrily turning in my head for the past eight months. It’s not easy to just like that, get up and go a get a piece of paper, and write down what you see in your head. But actually, it really is, our brains just make us think it’s hard.

I’ll tell you why, from the moment I sat down to write one day after much debate over pondering the reasons why I shouldn’t, finding no reason at all I was there, pen in hand, and from the moment one word came into my head, the pen escaped me into a forest of words that flooded my notebook. And that was it, that was all it took. It really was just the motivation to begin to write that was making me distract and dread away from ever doing it.

I think it’s like this with any creative profession, sometimes you get a surge to do it, other times, your just finding reasons to not.

Lots of times, my excuse is that I want to hang out with friends and be withy family, that’s what makes writing so lonely. Anything creative, unless your collaborating with someone is spent in hours of solitude, but drawn with the idea framed within your head of what your friends and family will think of it once your finished with it.

Another thing is, making room for your miraculous creative expeditions, you have to have a good place and the equipment, and make time to write as well as spending time with other things that matter. This, I found works best when you spend any little bit of time as well as lengthily hours on your writing, for even if your in the waiting room at your appointment will you have ideas to write, this helps by bringing along a notebook wherever you go.


Motivation is everything, if someone wasn’t feeling motivated to build the Eiffel Tower, it never would have gotten built, if the Beatles weren’t feeling like they wanted to write a song, Sgt. Peppers never would been made!

Find what motivates you, for me it’s creating a space and a world for my story, sketching characters, finding the soundtrack that sets the scene and mood, and believe in yourself! Your incredible, if you’ve got something to say, a story to tell, the words are there, all you have to do is write it down.

Peace & Love to all you Lovelies and Gents!


Here’s a few awesome links of blogs for writers that are really motivational:






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