Lost Castles


we need look no further in perfection then the back of our hand. we our pouring out magic from our fingertips, we are stardust, golden forever and our spirit is immortal.

castle7 mkcastle14 castle6 castle10

to rise within the greatness to bless thee heads of deed,

we shall overcome, the fire will be lit, to rise from all our greed.

castle13 castle15 castle8 castlemountians9

I dreamed of castles, and still I see,

so much vagueness in conventionality,

mkcastle11 castle12

It’s a lost badge I wore once before the world came tumbling forth,

It’s the sea, the sun, the cause of old centuries at warmkcastle5 mkcastle4 mkcastle3

I will hurk on the edge of the winds, your seen eyes,

for it’s only the path I seem to recognize,


Photographed by Marley Korzen & Paul Stawiecki


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