The Changeless Turrets

DSCN9745I thought of you today just when the ocean’s sigh reprise,

devided me from ethereal places to which I had disguised.

I thought of you when my feet touched the soil, i saw again your face,

the last of you is all immortal, your soul’s the last faint trace.

I keep with me the thought of you right where i’d hang a pin,

and deep under the curls and tassles, I let the demon’s in.

I thought of forgetting, I’ve tried and succumbed,

but to you I’m nothing, thus nothing Ive become.

there cannot be another day that i will not love you,

just in truth, i’d only forget if my heart snapped in two.

despite your crude ways and devil’s tongue, I still cannot disclaim,

the changeless turrets of adoring, my heart’s fair sought acclaim.


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