The Master’s at work: Sacred Geometry and the Secret of De Vinci

I have recently been drawn into the interest of Math. Astounding for me, because my whole life I’ve highly disliked any idea of math. Solving problems, tests, equations, the whole thing made me shudder. Until, I came upon the term ‘Sacred Geometry’ which I found fascinating because I learned that Leonardo De Vinci used it to create many of his breathtaking masterpieces. I was interested enough to learn more about it. Maybe it didn’t scare me away because it wasn’t all numbers and equations, but it still is math, and I was intrigued! You see, Sacred Geometry is the definite solution to everything that surrounds us. If you’ve never heard of it before, here’s the first basic thing you need to know:

Flower-of-Life-61circles 3e51fedb42d9f0e4c8aef457ad005a5c


He not only studied it, but added to the theory and discovery of Sacred Geometry and the flower of life.



What’s most fascinating about Sacred Geometry is that it’s in everything. It just proves the theory completely that we’re all one, for Scared Geometry connects us all together, our cells are geometric, the tree leaves are, the flowers, everything that remains a beautiful mystery is simply because of the devine connection of nature throughout.

I first started learning about this from the amazing and astounding Spirit Science. Their videos on Youtube I stumbled upon and are seriously eyebrow raising, check it out here:


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