Do Artists eat like normal people?

Well, I guess not. Not only do I love to feel healthy and enjoy the incredible tales and textures of plant based food, but for an artist it’s color heaven!
IMG_3936 IMG_3931

Zippiee Smoothie Bowl:


1 Kewi

handful of gojis’

handful of strawberries

1 sliced mango

t tbs. of bee pollen

1/2 cup of granola


1/2 frozen blueberries

2 frozen bannas

1 date

1 orange (juice)

Blend smoothie and top, then enjoy tasting beauty.

I find myself feeling like an Enchantress making this stuff. Seriously, creating it feels like magic. I’m a definitely a witch, the good kind. And  honestly, i can’t see why there is so much hoopla about the bad witches, when there is seriously a lot more to said about the good Glinda Hermione Granger type. We need to change that ‘mean witch’ cleche. It’s gettin’ old.



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