Let us remember the importance of connection and presence. Love everyone. They are your brother, sister and they need love just as much as you do. We all think we have our own pain, the truth is we don’t. We all have and share the same feelings and emotions of love, beauty, joy, anger, resentment, and the only thing that helps us with these things is to know that we’re all on the same side, and we can help each other. We are all one. So smile at one another! And know your not alone.don and mar santa monica4 unnamed-4 unnamed DSC_1416 DSC_1361 IMG_3732

Millions of people. One earth. Hundreds of different hearts. One love. Thousands of different stories. One single connection. Why so much distance, why so much deprivation? There are no borders, the world is whole, and your light shines the same truth as your enemy’s soul. A heap of thoughts. One desire. We all want to be loved and to feel something higher. And with all this, is it any wonder there’s war, because without that connection filled, greed tells us to grab for more.


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