The Hymn of the Violin

 My sister and I both took up the violin together. She first first began at age eight, and then, I joined not long after at age six. She’ll always be the better violinist, that’s a fact. It’s so easy for her, and I love to listen and watch her play with grace. After taking lessons for a couple years she became my teacher, and mentor. She tought me the rest of my Sezuki book, and she moved onto the second one. Later on she stopped playing, and my mom always calls it ‘the day the music died’, because she stopped Practicing and playing for us. She lost the joy in playing, I think. But it was only years and years later that she picked up her bow again, and we again enjoyed listening to the sway and shrill of the strings and bow once more. It was lovelier and even more beautiful then I had remembered simply because she did it because she enjoyed it. Sometimes when you feel pressed to do something, it takes all the beauty and joy out of it. We found her talent and beauty in the violin lovely, and beautiful still. 😊🎻



In the whispers and in the hymns,

Comes the music of the violin.

She cries out in joy, and sighs in fair song,

And when the wind stops, the strings Hold and hang on,

Such an instrument fills of heaven, but never in sin,

To be swirled and captured in the sound of the violin.


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