Oh Lovely Day Sundae!


All of us deserve to treat our bodies right. We need to eat things that make us feel good and strong, and add vital enzymes into our body, in order to feel great, and happy and healthy. If I knew that I could do just this by eating ice cream years ago, I’d probably laugh and be all, yeah right. But its true! You can get the rich vitamins and enzymes just from eating raw and organic vegan ice cream, which tastes too good to be healthy, I’m serious. Seriously, DEVINE!

IMG_3273 IMG_3276 IMG_3281

Oh Lovely Day! Sundae:

3 frozen banannas

2 tbs. of cacao powder

a handful of goji’s

1 tsp. of peanut butter

Blend frozen bananas until thick and creamy like soft-serve.

Pour evenly into three separate bowls, the first one stir in cacao, the other one stir in peanut butter, the last one keep in blender and add half of the goji’s, and blend. Add each separate flavor into bowl, top with the rest of the goji’s, and chocolate sauce.

Luckily, in vegan food improvising is always welcome, that’s almost always how new creations happen! If you don’t have goji’s, add nuts, fruit, caramel sauce (coming soon!) whipped coconut cream, shredded coconut, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy your goddess food! 🙂


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