My Book: The Voyage of Captain Stash

Captain Stash

About one year ago, I began writing the first draft of my 288 page and 28 chapter novel, The Voyage of Captain Stash which is set in 1600’s, England during the Pirate age. The story centers around Captain Stash, a stern-faced middle aged pirate who’s one dying wish is to find the coco bean island, and to do so, his only hope is on the 14-year-old precocious  island discoverer’s niece, Susan Revinor, The Duchess of Leorux, (a quick-witted royal who demands cleanliness even on a pirate ship).  Ready for adventure, and ready to solve the mystery to her uncle’s death, she goes against everything she has been taught by royalty, and joins the odd group of pirates in a boundless search for the island. But will this mysterious captain be able to keep his temper when the Duchess trespasses upon many hidden boundaries? Will this young royal find herself in an entrapment on a ship with murderous pirates? Or better yet, will the pirates find themselves in an entrapment with the young royal?

 I relished writing down every bit of it, creating the characters, the Action, the humor, and loved sharing it with my family and friends, and yet found it difficult to determine if it was a middle grade novel, or a Young Adult. My brother, who’s 14, loved and enjoyed it “as much as Harry Potter” and another friend said that it definitely should be a Young Adult novel. Regardless, I’ve been querying literary agents and publishers quite a lot and still have gotten the ‘thanks, but no thanks’ response. One agent said that it did have “much potential” but was not for her. 😔

Even through many rejections I still choose to preservere and keep querying, even though I know I might have a lot more rejection letters, but that’s all part of the journey. I will be incredibly excited to find some person who is as excited about this book as I am, and who believes in it as much as I do, I just wish that I can find that someone faster!! Here are some of the agents and publishers that I’ve tried:

Curtis Brown

Jollyfish Press

Harvey Kilnger

Penguin Ireland

The Knight Agency

The Tompson Literary Agency

Andrea Brown

And many others as well that I’m still waiting to hear back from.

Most of them I find publish books that are really dumb down and don’t particularly show for any classic style literature, which is what I enjoy reading and hope to be. If anyone had any ideas of a literary agency or publishing house that I should try, or that might be interested in my book, Please let me know! Until then.. Never give up…tumblr_msoo5eDuEf1qbm8k3o1_500


Shipmate Robert Gibbs



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