Quotations and Croquet with The Knights of Valarosa

Me, left as Sir Theodore Oldgden Sinclair (or just Sinclair) with Shelby as Sir Alfred Clive Fitzgerald

Whilst do we know what love is when we barely understand the vast and expansive intricacies of the universe?

To think as an old philosopher one must be one, thus, the strange two ladies above pretending to be knights/philosophical geniuses in their knighthood called ‘The Knights of Valarosa’ (also characters in my book). My friends and I, (being mischievous and comical all the time, not just for this once) decided to have a day to stroll in the rose gardens and have  a game of croquet, and talk philosophically about our strange and down-and-out daffy world.

Wear your collar turned upwards, an ostrich never lifts its toe for another feather.   – Sinclair

If the garden’s wet, then go water the lawn.  – Sinclair

The early bird gets the worm, but what does the worm get?

– Fitzgerald

The undeserving always get what they deserve. A whack on the head

– Sir Patrick


I once knew a man named George who had the finest wine in all the world, unfortunately he’s dead now.  – Sinclair

A rich man’s gold is every poor man’s roses.  – Sir Patrick

I am off on a very important expedition……..I am going to bed! – Fitzgerald

How to be & think like an old english philosopher:

  • Dress smartly, old man we can’t have ourselves looking like a pompous poppingjay! (wear hats, trousers, and glasses, mine are Harry potter ones :p )
  • Grow accustomed to playing intellectual games that provide a lot of room for conversation and thinking, such as croquet, cricket, rugby, and chess, oh and don’t forget chutes & ladders! (hahaha no, just joking)
  • Read well written literature (Sir Walter Scott, Rudyard Kipling, Upton Sinclair) and philosophy (Chinese proverbs, and Leonardo De Vinci’s notebooks) and share with your knights. Speak fondly about the parts that you do like, and haggardly of the parts that you didn’t.
  • Lastly, develop character to your knight, find your philosophical model and specific ways of him, for example: Sinclair wears wide brimmed hats, smiles often, bringing up old pastimes of those he knew in Edinburgh.
Fitzgerald can hardly contain his excitement in being in the company of Sir Patrick
Fitzgerald’s got swag
Sir patrick forgot his pipe that day…
Sinclair’s ‘good side’

Thy heart is as bold as a lion, thy cheating mind and ear are as superfluous as a blinded bat.

…..You were saying?

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