Zymergy Pop: Way. Better. Then. Soda.


What could be better then that fierce thirst-quencher god called Soda? Well, it’s amazing, but this delectable mixture made all out of plants creates the exact same quench for thirst and energizes you with it’s own sugars way better then any artificial chemical could ever do! Without the scary death-defying side-effects as our Coca Cola and Sprite friends here causing:

. Accelerated Aging

. Weight Gain

. Water Pollution

. Behavioral Problems

. Soft Heads

. Infertility

Just to name a few. With plants, in their organic entity, you’ll find the exact opposite of these terrible side-effects. Juicing and eating organic plants give you:

. LOTS of energy

. Great Skin

. Keep you Trim & Slim

. Brain Food

. Make you feel beautiful and happy.

. Good for our planet.

There’s zillions of more reasons, and there’s zillions of different ways to make Zymergy with thousands of different plants out there, whereas there’s only a few stupid sodas on the market. Who wants to keep on with that old sh** when there’s thousands of new and miraculous ways to make our bodies healthy!


‘The Devine’ Zymergy Pop

2 Beets

1 Lemon

1 small piece of ginger (depending on how ginger spicy you like it, I like mine really gingery :))

1 Apple

Wash and cut beets, ginger and apple and put them down your juicer* then squeeze in the lemon into the glass, stir, and drink! Enjoy!

*If you don’t have a juicer, go out and buy one TODAY. It’s a seriously beneficial investment of royal health, and so much fun to create and drink so many various different juices!
IMG_1783 Another thing, why do I keep calling it Zymergy? It’s a word I made up mixing the word Enzymes with energy, (Zy-me-er-gy) which are the fresh and magnificent entities of organic fruits and vegetables that you get as soon as you juice them. These die off within a half hour or so, so you wanna drink it as soon as possible. 

look of the day: Retro 70’s summer. It’s finally here!

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