Inspiration Day: Ce Magnifique!

What draws me most and inspires me in art and photography is simply, anything beautiful and things that stir a story inside them, and remind me of beauty.      I admire people who understand this, and have the imagination to create it themselves. It’s our own type of magic we have, and can chose to use within everything we do.sarahmoonvintagehats oldpaintingpinkbeauty georgehenryseeleytumblr tumblr_m2aupl2IZV1qzehsgo1_500 tumblr_m72un23inS1qj5t08o2_250 tumblr_loj6fpgfec1qhyr89o1_500 tumblr_lf8e6yVB181qzicaho1_500 tumblr_lt8opdEOYk1qmusrao1_500 tumblr_loxkvp97KM1r04s08o1_400 tumblr_lqy2l4RYLE1qlgb0oo1_500 tumblr_m6ka9jstD31qb5tu1o1_500tumblr_loqrhmCIxt1r04s08o1_500 tumblr_m4i55w5EMD1qzdvhio1_r1_1280     tumblr_los9xhDbwC1r04s08o1_500


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