DIY: A Far Off Place….Forts In your Backyard

My latest bedroom..

Making forts and get-aways are awesome. They cost nothing (unless you want to buy a few decorations) and are so much fun to decorate and build, as well as designing and hanging out in! Here’s how you do:

Step 1. Find an awesome roomy spot where you can set up your sanctum. Make sure that it’s a place that is out of the way if its in your house, so that you can leave it up for a while without disturbing no one.

Step 2. Design. If you want to map it out, or look up some other forts thats great! Get inspired!

Step 3. Select a theme. Tropical, California surf-style, eskimo (if you got an igloo hahaha), 19th century english, Mexico, or a flora and fauna explosion of plants and flowers! Anything you can think of, or anything that works for you!

Step 4. Begin to build! Using anything that suits it, look around your place and find things that might add some flare.

Important Note: Remember that most of the areas are going to have walls, or concrete that won’t match the theme your going for, so go ahead and get creative thinking about how you can cover this up, or use it for your benefit. My fort was in the carport, where there was cement, so I had to work with covering that up with rugs and drapery 🙂

Step 5. Finishing touches! Make sure that you have good lighting, and the place is nice and cozy, with any chairs or pillows, add anything special that would suit the place. One year I had glow-in-the-dark paint, and covered plastic insects in them, having them dangle all around and glow at night.

Last summer’s get-away was a tiki pirate bungalow, complete with sand!DSCN5432 DSCN5435         It was pretty incredible. Especially at nighttime, when we hand the sound effects from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride of the crickets and the banjo playing. Oh yeah, It was epic.DSCN5441 Then later on my brother wanted to take some of the furnishings inside and use it for his bedroom, which Flynn here, really enjoyed!DSCN0168 But we still ended up taking it back outside, and making up a new fort in the end…

my sister Shel looking like a queen, and with that smirk on her face she knows it!

Have any input or new and exciting ideas? Let me know we’d love to hear!


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