So In Love: Raw food and Roses

IMG_2688This living raw and vegan life an’t so bad. In fact, it’s been INCREDIBLE. I have here a snack of a simple Nana Ice Cream, topped with yummy blueberries (which are the #1 brain food) strawberries, and nectarines. The beet and Spirulina don’t really change the sweetness of the banana or the flavor much, only enhancing it in a rad color! Here’s the recipe:

Nana Ice Cream:

3 ripe and frozen (preferably frozen for 24 hours)

1 teaspoon of grated beet

2 teaspoons of Spirulina powder

In your blender (best if you have a Vitamix or a very strong blender) or Norwalk, blend the frozen bananas, adding either the beet or Spirulina for color. Top with fruit and honey and wala! Enjoy the pathway to heaven!


   IMG_2676IMG_2678 And how come I had no idea about this when I was a little kid? I mean really, if i knew about raw nana ice dream when I was younger i would have never have said IMG_2684  IMG_2687 Seriously, I mean heaven…tumblr_mr44oa9MIy1qbqv4to1_r1_500IMG_2620IMG_2621 Then we visited the Mission Rose garden, and their all in bloom! Ahhhh…IMG_2625 IMG_2626   IMG_2696

No i’m not that clever, i just happened to twin with this beet today..

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