Simplicity: The key to everything lovely

Quote by River Pheonix. Oh, how I love you!!

I once loved to buy many clothes, and have many things thinking the more the better the truth is, it’s actually the opposite. I am a minimalist, and fully believe that in this day and age, we need to rewire our brains into thinking that the less the better, instead of the more the better. With less things, you can focus on what really matters. You can tap into yourself a whole lot better when your not busy with things you don’t really want or need in your life. Today I wanted to post this painting, but couldn’t think of anything to title it, or say about it. The only no that came to mind is it’s probably one of the most simplest paintings I’ve done, yet it’s also sorta bold in color and dameanor. It’s one of my favorites for that. Let me know what you think! cheers!! image image image image image


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