Free falling: Writing Rejection and Learning to Never Give Up

Outfit of the day: Lush white! ahhh!

This month has been incredibly crazy for me and where I’m headed with more submissions for my book and more rejection letters, more learning, and other big changes. The craziest part is you never know where your headed, what turns you might take, what new opportunities that will arise and let’s just say now that the only thing you can really do, is to keep going. You’ve got to keep on trucking down the road that you feel is best to go, and sometimes that’s a scary situation to chose which road to take!

The good thing is the rejection letters can really be a good thing too! And if your a writer, and are in the same pickle i’m in, here’s some awesome articles that really helped me out!


Getting rejected can be daunting, but let’s just take a moment to review all the freakin’ awesome people who were rejected countless times and that i’m sure your pretty glad that they didn’t give up!

IMG_2604J.K. Rowling

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the wind (one of my favorites) was rejected by 38 publishers

C.S. Lewis rejected 800 times!!before ever being published.

L.M. Montgomery, rejected 5 times

Louisa May Alcott

H.G Wells

Nicholas Spark’s the notebook was turned down by 25 literary agencies

Sylvia Plath

L. Frank Baum

Dan Brown

Rudyard Kipling

Stephen King

William Faulkner

Beatrix Potter

Kenneth Grahme

Joseph Heller

F. Scott Fitzgerald

And more! So maybe rejection isn’t so bad, right? In fact, It’s kind of reassuring that your (if your a writer and have been rejected) now on the list with these brilliant authors!  rejection-300x300

0f18742fb6c0d08d6bf78a150acbf207 anigif_enhanced-buzz-20819-1379683090-13

And last, I finish with a song, ( I am so extremely excited about the new Florence + the Machine album coming out this june that I could die from waiting so long!) it makes me feel so good when I listen to it because it resonates with me in this time I’m in, and if your feeling like I am, like your trying hard, and hanging in there, and trying to break out of this cookie-cutter mold that people will put you down, and make you feel like you need to be in, then listen closely to the lyrics, and cheer up and dance! Get moving!


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