Could this magically appear in my wardrobe?

IMG_2587IMG_2588IMG_2395 The lovely Rita Hayworth, and this GEORGEOUS two-piece!

So…the fashion fever has started once again, and though I try to fight it, I’m trying to go to sleep at night and these ideas and colors flash in my head! (That’s what you get for being on Pinterest too long) I love wrap dresses from Diane Von Furstenburg, 20’s and 30’s style dresses like Coco Chanel, hollywood glamor, and get so many influences through art too, so here’s a few that I’ve been working on, and really really really really hope to make someday with actual fabric!!!IMG_2534IMG_2539 IMG_2542 IMG_2544 IMG_2549 IMG_2551 IMG_2555IMG_2554 IMG_2582 IMG_2583


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