‘The Moon’s a Silver Bow’ Play

ddc98c6fe5cfdbc7f24eb2052f102034.jpgA year ago I was listening to some music when all of a sudden this idea for a sleeping-beauty-like story came to me. It flooded into my head this tale of 1900’s where the dead rise from their graves on one night when the moon reaches it’s fullest, to go and see their loved ones once more for unfinished business, before leaving their souls to rise and thus, never awaken again. It’s eerie, and beautiful, and though it was originally a Silent Film, I thought it would be just as good if not better as a live play with charismatic music to follow, for there is Ballet and some awesome choreography as well.

Here’s a intercept from the play:


                         (saying this while looking at her hand)

    My, it has been a great many moons since I have flexed these white hands of mine!

Fawkes, yawning nods in agreement.


                                 Indeed! I was dead asleep!

Bee doesn’t look up from the fascinated look she has on her hand.



                     That would be because you are dead, dear.

      Fawkes blinks. Then she throws back her head with a laugh.


                      Ah! But of course! How one does forget!

Tuck, a fellow sleepsoul who is quite the concerned type scowls reprovingly, shushes them quickly, and points  off to the right. The girls turn to where he is pointing. They see Elisabeth, who is laying quite still on the bed, looking around in wonder and unsureness.

Grace, Bee, Tuck, Grant, Patch, Berkeley and Fawkes all look at each other in concern before Maisie pushes her way through the lot of them to the awakening girl on the bed. Elizabeth’s looks startled of the oncoming sleepsoul. The startled face slowly turns to a restful one. The rest of the sleepsouls join Maisie. She reaches out to the white hand of Elizabeth, who takes hers. Elizabeth steps forward, hair tangled in flowers and leaves, the same as the rest of them. The crowd of sleepsouls lead her away from her bed. Elizabeth’s eyes move in question at the people surrounding her. Maisie understands, and nods. Maisie points off to the moon where we all see the wide, glowing orb above as she says in song;


 The moon’s a bow to sleep upon, un’til thee age reach to act on,   for when at last, thy dreams shall pass and rest our soul fortnight withdrawn!

But the still more confused look on her face leads Tuck to demonstrate by catching a firefly in his hand.


 The moon arises and thus swells, we must all take this time to tell,                       an hour turn, all ye wishes yearn, before sleepsouls form stars and    farewell!


         We must go! For no delay! This will be my last before, away!

  The excited sleepsouls part to their course where each form a dance around Elizabeth.

The idea is sort of an Midsummer’s Night’s Dream-ish feel, but entirely it’s own story. I love the story so much I thought about elaborating more an making it a book, but for right now it’s suits best as a play, I think. And not forgetting that the costumes would be pretty sick, too.133cf04fdc9718a003b5066c0a1702bd 39f133c3507e5ce3a2d9f354d6b7c412

Did you like it? Want to hear more? Let me know in the comments below!


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